About Arlette

Arlette’s family always encouraged her to travel, and upon arrival in Australia she decided the perfect career was to help others to do the same.

Almost 28 years later, Arlette still thrives on the fact that every day is different. The travel industry is always changing and there’s always something new to learn and discover.

She really loves having the trust of her clients to make their travel dreams come true, and on their return can’t wait to hear all their stories and feedback– when she’s not travelling they’re her eyes and ears around the globe.

Arlette’s favourite destinations? Hard to say – She thinks every country has its good and bad points and that travel opens up your sensibilities. Arlette  does prefer active destinations though – lying on a beach for 2 days is enough for her! After that she needs to explore, and she loves to take off on a bicycle adventure.

For her next travels, perhaps a 7-day cruise of the Mediterranean? Followed by renting a cottage in the beautiful and unspoiled Lot area of France, and a stop in Botswana on the way home. Arlette would also really love to experience the camps in the Delta.

Contact Arlette

Give Arlette a call on 9957 4511.

Areas of Specialty

Food & Wine | Culture, History & Arts | Escorted Tours | Hotels| Independent Tours

Arlette’s Testimonials

“Always provides excellent advice and follows up with prompt responses when making bookings. Follows up all our trips to provide feedback for future clients”. J.K.

Where has Arlette been recently?

Arlette de Brey

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