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If there’s one thing that those of us who work in the travel industry share it’s the glass half-full mentality.  How many times over the past 18 months could we have sworn that we could see that light at the end of the tunnel?
Judging by the surge in new bookings in recent weeks, it seems that our travel-deprived clients are also convinced that we are out of that tunnel.  Thank you for embracing the vaccination call out to get us all over the line, and for calling on us to get you moving as soon as you could.
We are delighted to be sharing the good news that in anticipation of a return to better times for our industry, we have found a new home for our Lindfield based team who will be moving in at the end of January.  Located at 345 Pacific Highway the office is close to shops on both sides of the highway with its own visitor parking and an elevator (thankfully) to the first floor location. Sally, Tina, Melissa, Esther and Gai will move out of the Neutral Bay office on Wednesday 22nd December.  They will work from home then move into Suite 104, 345  Pacific Highway, Lindfield on Monday 31 January.  Phones and emails will remain unchanged.
Michael, Carina and Kate will also be moving out of Neutral Bay and will move into their own office on Wednesday 22 December.  Their new home will be 860 Military Road, Mosman – upstairs from their sister company Mosman Travel.  Ruth and Vera will continue to work from home.  Again, phones and emails will remain unchanged.
Thank you for the trust and support you have shown our team as we have negotiated these challenging times.  We look forward to working with you as we navigate together what the new normal of travel will look like.
Penny Spencer and Sharyn Kitchener
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