Aqua MekongWe drove for about an hour from Ho Chi Min City today to one of the arms of the Mekong and boarded Aqua Mekong.  A gorgeous new cruise ship that can take up to 40 guests with huge cabins with floor to ceiling windows and wonderful food. No expense has been spared in it’s design or furnishings.

Aqua Mekong is well equipped to provide true expedition  cruising with four aluminium 12 seat skiffs that whisk you away from your floating hotel to explore islands and villages that have no nearby infrastructure to accommodate and unload passengers from the other river cruising vessels.  We have been into the homes of several Vietnamese families and had wonderful exchanges with interpreters with them all.  Yesterday we never saw another tourist!  But we covered dozens of kilometres.

Much to Roger’s and my delight they also have a dozen very high quality hybrid bicycles on board and a few of us rode for miles and miles through wonderful rural villages groaning with fruit trees and fish farms.  We must have called out hello in English and Vietnamese two hundred times.  And each time we heard a trail of laughter from the children whose English attempts were so easily rewarded.  We felt truly blessed.