Italy Travel Ideas

Italy is one of our favourite travel destinations and one we are so experienced with. We have been creating wonderful customised itineraries for our clients since 1970!

With a long Mediterranean coastline, Italy has left an important mark on Western culture & cuisine. Its capital, Rome, is home to the Vatican as well as landmark art and ancient ruins. Other major cities include Florence, Venice and Milan.

A long time popular destination for Australian travellers, Italy has so much to offer. History, art, stunning mountains and lakes, gorgeous beaches, delicious food and fabulous wine are some of the attractions for visitors.

Here are some great ideas from some of our favourite travel providers – walking, biking, cultural, culinary, immersion, sailing and yoga. Give us a call to find out more.

Bespoke Itineraries to Italy

We know Italy like the back of our hand.  Our Advisors have travelled extensively throughout Italy and have a wealth of knowledge.  Whether you’re planning to visit the well-known destinations like Rome, Florence, or the Amalfi Coast, or are seeking to explore more remote or less “touristed” areas we can help craft an itinerary to your specific needs.

Give us a call to discuss your travel plans.

Rosa’s Table

Experience the diversity and authenticity of Sicilian food, culture and traditions, from the East Coast to the West Coast, meeting Rosa Malignaggi’s family and friends along the way. Discover places and the people going about their daily lives, their kitchens bursting with flavour, fragrance and aromas.  Wander the streets of Palermo, passing through its vibrant markets filled with rustic displays of delicious food. Sit amongst orange and olive groves, sharing wine, food, eating, talking and playing cards with the locals. Walk into the village and enjoy breakfast with the villagers.  Journey with Rosa to experience the diversity and authenticity of Sicilian food, culture and traditions.

Hedonistic Hiking

Hedonistic Hiking takes small groups on walking holidays in Italy and north-east Victoria.  You will travel off the beaten track to experience the heart and soul of each region.

Hedonistic Hiking is eco-certified, and the commitment to sustainability means guests are supporting the local economy through their travels.

Tuscany, the Italian Alps, Piedmont, Slovenia and other wonderful destinations

Hidden Italy

Hidden Italy’s Guided Walking Tours are a unique way to discover a side of this fascinating country that most people only read about. The pace is relaxed (it is a holiday after all) which gives you plenty of time to unpack and soak up the atmosphere of the places we visit. We go to places that are well off the regular tourist trails and focus on a single area with its own history and cultural traditions. You will travel in small groups (maximum 15) led by experienced, bi-lingual guides.

Ombre Blu³

Discover hidden gems of the Italian coastline and islands, still unfamiliar to most visitors to Italy as you set sail on your privately chartered luxury catamaran.   Destinations include the Amalfi Coast, the Aeolian Islands (Sicily), Palermo & the Egadi Islands (West Sicily), Sardinia & Corsica and South Sardinia, plus Greece from 2020.