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Virtuoso Life, published six times a year, spotlights luxury cruising, top vacation destinations, hotel and resort stays, cultural tours, secret spa retreats, and custom itineraries around the globe. Every issue is designed to surprise and delight even the most experienced traveller.

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Virtuoso Life

Virtuoso Life July-August 2018

This issue’s theme, Our Favourite Places, posed a bit of a challenge for the editorial team. How to choose? The list of contenders is as long as the world is wide. We hope this issue sparks your own debate with friends and family – and that you’ll find some ideas for future favourites as well.

In this issue

Be Right Back : Eight dream destinations worth seeing more than once.
Bold and Bright : Uniworld’s hip new brand rolls out river ships unlike the others.
Shoreditch Non-stop : Morning-to-midnight entertainment in London’s East End trendsetter.
Travel for Good : How to go sustainably around the globe.
Why I Travel : Vibrant markets, villages that look like film sets, and larger-than-life locals make David Mackay’s ideal travel cocktail.

Virtuoso Best of the Best 2018

Virtuoso Best of the Best 2018

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