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Virtuoso Life, published six times a year, spotlights luxury cruising, top vacation destinations, hotel and resort stays, cultural tours, secret spa retreats, and custom itineraries around the globe. Every issue is designed to surprise and delight even the most experienced traveller.

What’s happening in the latest edition of Virtuoso Life?

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May-June 2017

In this issue

SMALL WONDERS » Twenty intimate hotels, villas, and lodges worth adding to your short list.
SECRET STOCKHOLM » Beyond its tourist core, the Swedish capital brims with intrigue.
CITY TO GO » In Monte Carlo, glam never goes out of style.
ON THE TABLE » Playing favourites on Saint Bart’s.
OUT & ABOUT » Low-key coastal Paraty grows its dedicated following.

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March-April 2017

Our Insiders’ Guide to the World’s Greatest Cities
Hong Kong, Sydney, Buenos Aires, London, Tokyo, Paris, and New York City

Where to eat, drink, shop, and sleep in Bologna, Italy

Floating City: Life on board the world’s largest cruise ship

Vienna’s Most Elite Shopping (and Best Chocolate Cake)

Why I Travel: Virtuoso client Judith Hennessey

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VLJanuary – February 2017

Just in time for the new year, this issue features the people, places, and passions that are changing the way we travel. You’ll also find a multitude of ideas to inspire your journeys in 2017, plus helpful advisor insights to make the most of your time in destinations around the globe. We hope these pages inspire you to find ways – and places – to celebrate it in the year ahead.

In this issue:
THEIR FAVOURITE PLACES » From travel-industry insiders to denizens of the design and dining worlds, tastemaking travellers share their wanderlust lists.
GET FIZZY WITH IT » Vitalie Taittinger serves up the best of her hometown, Champagne’s capital, Reims.
2017 CRUISE REPORT » New year, new cruise. 6 fresh ways to set sail in 2017, from debut ships to newly launched itineraries.

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Virtuoso-Life-Nov-Dec-16-220x300November – December 2016

Virtuoso Life is dedicated to helping travellers plan their leisure time, and this issue focusses on wining and dining around the world. Now more than ever, food is reason enough to travel, as destinations showcase their culinary offerings and tour operators, cruise lines, and hotels become ever more creative in the types of dining experiences they offer. Food is so much more than mere sustenance – it’s the recipe for truly connecting with a place. Cheers!

In this issue:

The hotel drink dolly makes a comeback.
A primer on regional foods, from the boot’s top to its heel.
Our Brooklyn insider’s guide to great dining and drinking across the East River.


virtuoso-life-september-october-2016September-October 2016

Virtuoso Life taps into advisors’ expertise and insight and showcases the incredible travel partners they work with. Packed with page after page of tips, tools, and trips, this “How to Travel Better” issue is the biggest in our 16-year history – the perfect forum to celebrate traveling better, every time.

In this issue:

Make every trip the best ever with our annual guide to doing it right.
Inside the new Ritz Paris.
An Indian exploration in two acts.

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Virtuoso Life July-August 16July-August 2016

Travel is a force for good, and your holidays create more than just memories. Virtuoso’s tenth annual Travel Dreams issue is packed with inspiration to get out and see the world, including the top trips of a lifetime as voted on by Virtuoso travelers.

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Virtuoso Life May-June 16May-June 2016

The Goring graces the front cover of this month’s Virtuoso Life!  Dashing footman Nicholas talks about life inside a luxury hotel. Read the article in the May / June edition.

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Virtuoso Life March-April 2016March-April 016

This issue delivers plenty of warm-weather inspiration, from cruising in the Mediterranean to Hawaiian island highlights. And if you’re ready to get away, our expertise can help you to untangle, bundle, and order your travel wish list – and to move those trips from the wish list to the calendar.

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Virtuso Life Jan-Feb 16

January-February 2016

At Virtuoso, we truly believe that boundaries divide and travel unites. And as we welcome the new year, we celebrate travelling fearlessly. Your Mary Rossi Travel Virtuoso advisor can help you plan anything from a close-to-home getaway to a far-flung adventure. This issue offers both, with our annual look at where to go next. The world is a wonderful place, and there are so many sights to see. What are you waiting for?

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Virtuoso Life Nov-Dec 15

November-December 2015

Peek in any traveller’s kitchen and you’ll likely find proof of a global palate. Food-related items make the ultimate souvenirs and transport a taste of your travels back home. This issue is full of food finds, from a dining renaissance in the South to Germany’s new culinary capital. One thing is sure: Wherever we go, our next meal is also our next adventure. There’s much more on the menu, so dig in.

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Virtuosl Life September-October 2015September-October 2015
Virtuoso’s annual “How To Travel Better” issue showcases what Virtuoso travel advisors do best: help you make the most of the trips you take, from the planning and preparation to the things you can do once you get there. And as the travel magazine published for the clients of Virtuoso advisors, only we can give you an insider’s look at the best places to go – and show you how our advisors’ global connections can transform a trip into an unforgettable experience.

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Virtuosl Life July-August 2015July-August 2015
The July issue of Virtuoso Life reveals the results of Virtuoso’s annual Travel Dreams Survey, which encouraged travellers to ponder their dream destinations and trips of a lifetime. But this year’s survey also asked a simple question: Why do you travel? Nearly 6,000 travellers in 60 countries told us, and the myriad of reasons were compelling. Whatever your “why” – the world awaits you.

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Virtuoso Life May-June 15May-June 2015
May Virtuoso Life celebrates a few of the many reasons we love hotels – and with nearly 1,100 hotels in the Virtuoso portfolio, there’s a lot to love. We collaborated with colleagues, Virtuoso travel advisors, and hotels around the world to compile a slate of services, staffers, and special touches that we remember long after checkout.

Virtuoso Life March-April 15March-April 2015
Beach holidays are always a good idea, and this Sun & Sand issue celebrates hot spots around the globe, from five of our favourite beach towns to the island nation of the Maldives. Holidays allow us to reconnect with ourselves, our friends, our family, and the world around us; to recharge, relax, and do nothing; or to test our limits, experience new sights and scenery, and learn new things.

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Virtuoso Life January-February 2015January-February 2015
The transformative power of travel is remarkable. It can expand your mind, break down borders, change your perspective, change your life. The January issue of Virtuoso Life is packed with places to go and things to do, whether you’re heading slopeside to Saint-Moritz; to Puglia, Italy’s road-less-travelled coastal region; or to one of the ten destinations our advisors recommend for 2015. Here’s to safe, speedy, enjoyable journeys in the new year.

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