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Virtuoso Life September/October 2019

Travel editors generally dislike the term “bucket list” – it’s overused, unoriginal, and derives from the phrase “kick the bucket” (such an unglamourous way to go out). But sometimes a cliché is unavoidable for a reason: It resonates. Bucket list, wish list, life list – whatever you call it, you surely have one: a mental catalogue of all the places you want to go and all the experiences you want to have. Virtuoso calls it a Wanderlist, and your travel advisor can help map out a long-term plan to get those trips out of your head and onto an itinerary. So go bold, go big, go now – time waits for no one, and the world is waiting for you.

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Old Town Road – Uzbekistan’s Silk Road outposts are as shoppable now as in Marco Polo’s day.

Virtuoso Best of the Best 2019

Virtuoso Best of the Best

There’s no such thing as the best trip, only the trip that’s best for you, and it all starts with where you stay. When you’re ready to get away, for a couple of nights or a couple of weeks, your Mary Rossi Travel advisor is the one to call.  The hotels and resorts in this directory are the best of the best – let your advisor find the one that’s best for you.