Mary Rossi Travel Information Events

Current Mary Rossi Travel information sessions are listed below.

Join Quentin Long, the co-founder of Australian Traveller Media and the Signature Experiences of Australia as presented by Tourism Australia, who will take you on a journey to explore the unique and unforgettable travel experiences Australia has to offer.

Each of the eight virtual information sessions will delve deeper into a variety of special interest experiences including golf holidays, guided walks, premium wineries, luxury lodges, fishing adventures, wildlife journeys, cultural attractions and Aboriginal-guided experiences.

To create your ultimate itinerary in Australia we recommend these tourism organisations who deliver the best available experiences in their field.

Each session will run for approx. 25 minutes.

Luxury Lodges of Australia LISTEN TO RECORDING
Australian Wildlife Journeys LISTEN TO RECORDING     
Great Fishing Adventures of Australia LISTEN TO RECORDING
Great Walks of Australia LISTEN TO RECORDING
Discover Aboriginal Experiences LISTEN TO RECORDING
Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia LISTEN TO RECORDING
Cultural Attractions of Australia LISTEN TO RECORDING  
Great Golf Courses of Australia LISTEN TO RECORDING

The Signature Experiences of Australia is a program developed by Tourism Australia, which supports industry collaboration within a variety of special interest sectors.More about the Signature Experiences of Australia

From the islands of the Great Barrier Reef to the wine growing regions of Western Australia and the pristine habitats of the Tasmanian Wilderness, these premium travel experiences represent an exciting and diverse cross section of activities, adventures and interests that take in the length and breadth of Australia and its spectacular landscapes.