Who We Are

Mary Rossi Travel – History and Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

We are a travel company that enables people to have the best possible travel experience through:

  • A knowledgeable and skilled staff
  • Continuous improvement of systems and technology
  • A quality client service

It is the family culture of friendliness and integrity that gives the Mary Rossi Travel team its distinct character

Mary Rossi Travel was founded in 1970 by Mrs Mary Rossi OBE who already had an established television career with the ABC whilst raising a family of ten children. The early years saw the development of large escorted round-world sea tours to Europe including six weeks coach touring from Lisbon to Rome. Hundreds of Australians were introduced to overseas travel on these trips throughout the 1970s.

As these tours became synonymous with Mrs Rossi she insisted on a hands-on approach determining the quality and location of hotels and the pace of the itinerary. It did not take long for travellers returning from these tours to ask Mrs Rossi to organise their private trips for both business and pleasure. This aspect of the business grew to be the significant force that it is today.

Mary Rossi Travel, from these early days, concentrated on special interest itineraries for increasingly sophisticated independent travellers. The trips explored the “off the beaten track” with accommodation that reflected the local ambience and arrangements that included an experience of the food, wine, history and culture of the destination.

Comfort became an important factor in our travellers’ enjoyment and Mary Rossi Travel developed a passion for fine hotels, luxury cruise ships and extraordinary travel experiences that result in a deep connection with the destination. Our research established a global network of personal contacts which has enhanced our travellers’ journeys. These relationships are still rigorously maintained and extended and they form an important part of the company’s unique selling proposition.

Over the years most of Mrs Rossi’s children have either worked in the business or escorted tours on behalf of Mary Rossi Travel. Between August 2000 and July 2021 Mary Rossi Travel was owned and operated by Mrs Rossi’s daughter, Claudia Rossi Hudson, MBA (Bond) who had been involved with the business since its inception. Claudia’s husband, Roger Hudson, worked alongside her. Now Mary Rossi Travel has entered a new era whilst keeping the same strong values with new owners Penny Spencer and Sharyn Kitchener.

Mary Rossi Travel has an international reputation for extensive product knowledge and are strong advocates for the need for professionalism in the travel industry. Mary Rossi Travel advisers receive training through seminars, courses and extensive travel. The open-plan office encourages consultants to share their knowledge to ensure that every traveller has the best possible experience. ‘What is best for the customer will be best for the business’ is their mantra of customer service. However, it is the culture of friendliness and integrity that gives the Mary Rossi Travel team its distinct character.