Travel Gems we Represent

A number of specialist international travel companies have chosen Mary Rossi Travel to represent them in Australia and to handle reservations for travellers.

Their wonderful products cover a broad range of travel styles and destinations and include small ship cruising, luxury cycling, walking and yoga tours, hotel and self-drive barging in France, apartments in London and regional tours in Italy.

These well-respected companies maintain excellence in their field and reflect the same philosophy that our company values – they provide people with the best possible travel experience.

Mary Rossi Travel is proud to present the following unique products and tours:

Hidden Italy

Hidden Italy solo travel

Discover the Italy that most only read about with Hidden Italy’s guided and self guided walks.

Living Italy

Living Italy

Small group tours with a taste of culture and local experience in some of Italy’s most fascinating regions.

Hedonistic Hiking

Small group guided hiking tours with a focus on the very best of local food and wine in Italy & Australia.

Soulfit Adventures

Yoga & cycling retreats along with other health and wellness activities in France, Italy and Asia.

Sea Cloud

Sea Cloud

Combine an exciting sailing adventure with a relaxing cruise and the atmosphere of a private yacht.

Rosa’s Table

luxury hotel trends
Journey with Rosa to experience the diversity and authenticity of Sicilian food, culture and traditions.

Locaboat Holidays

Self-drive barge trips on the canals & rivers of France, Germany, Ireland, Poland & Holland.

Ombre Blu

Sail the stunning Italian coastline on a private yacht. Secluded anchorages & the finest Italian cuisine & wines.

These are just some of the hundreds of products we know intimately.

For further information and bookings please contact Mary Rossi Travel:

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