Mary Rossi Travel in the Community

At Mary Rossi Travel, we embrace the principle of providing support to the community in which we live and work. We are happy to support some wonderful organisations in their work both within Australia as well as overseas.

Youth Off the Streets
Youth Off The Streets is helping disconnected young people discover greatness within, by engaging, supporting and providing opportunities to encourage and facilitate positive life choices. The organisation’s goal is to ensure that education, safe accommodation and drug and alcohol rehabilitation are available to everyone.

Cancer Council Australia
The Cancer Council is the leading independent funder of cancer research in Australia.  Cancer Council provides evidence-based, up-to-date information about all aspects of cancer to doctors and other health professionals as well as cancer patients and the general community. Cancer Council is committed to reducing the impact of cancer on individuals and the community, and to lessening the burden for people affected by cancer.

The Katrina Dawson Foundation
The Katrina Dawson Foundation is about ‘finding, funding and mentoring inspiring young women’. The Foundation’s objective is to remove barriers and create opportunities for exceptional young women to fulfill their potential. The cornerstone of the programme is providing scholarships for undergraduates to attend The Women’s College, University of Sydney,  putting young women in an environment where they will be supported and challenged, maximising their chances for success. In addition, the Foundation will offer fellowships for senior students or postgraduates – people who have a track record of achievement and just need that extra boost to maximise their impact.

Danii Foundation
Established by Donna and Brian Meads-Barlow after the death of their daughter Danii, The Danii Foundation’s mission is to help save lives by introducing alarm technology into as many households as necessary and create diabetes awareness among the community.

So They Can
So they Can works together with communities and their governments in Kenya and Tanzania to educate and empower, so they can break the poverty cycle, realise their own potential and meet their own needs.

Special Children’s Christmas Party
The aim of the Special Children’s Christmas Party is to provide children with a day they will never forget. The children come from four major groups: The terminally ill, the intellectually impaired, physically impaired and also the underprivileged who may be suffering from domestic violence or physical abuse. The children receive free ice creams, drinks, lollies, fruit and lunch. There is a 4 hour stage show and of course the highlight for the children is when the big man in the red suit arrives in his sleigh then the fun begins as we open Santa’s toy room for the children.  Each child receives 2 high quality toys plus a show bag full of goodies!!!

Australian Himalayan Foundation
Following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary, the Australian Himalayan Foundation is working to help the people of the Himalaya through improvements in health, education and conservation in Nepal, the Indian Himalaya and Bhutan. The Foundation works in partnership with local communities to help the people of the Himalaya in a long term, sustainable way.