Find out what to look for when booking a cruise.


When it comes to booking a cruise, there are plenty of important decisions to make. Where do you want to go? What style of ship do you want to travel on? How long should your itinerary be? Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to move onto the specifics of your trip, such as choosing the best cruise cabin for you.

To help you with this decision, here are three tips for choosing a cruise cabin.

Consider how much space you need in your cabin

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time out on deck, offshore or joining activities, you can probably get away with booking a smaller cabin. But, if you’d like a space reserved for a little ‘me’ time where you can unwind in privacy, opting for a more spacious stateroom is something you should really consider.

Depending on the cruise line and the style of the ship, you may be presented with numerous cabin options. For example, luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises offers a diverse range of suites and staterooms. Here, you can choose from butler-serviced penthouse suites with verandahs to deluxe staterooms with verandahs or large picture windows. While these vary in floor space and amenities, any of these options will offer luxury and the finest surroundings.

Find out how to pick the best cruise cabin.
When choosing your cabin, carefully consider how much size you need.

Determine which location onboard best suits you

Along with the size of your stateroom, you’ll also need to consider where on the ship you’d like your cabin to be situated. The location you choose is very important as it can make a huge difference to how accessible and comfortable you find your voyage.

If you suffer from sea sickness, you will be keen to choose a centrally located cabin. Being on a lower level will also help as the rocking of the ship is less noticeable there.

To avoid unwanted noise, consider the cabins’ proximity to public areas. Opting for a cabin away from these areas eliminates the noise of people congregating and staff setting up or packing away furniture in the early or late hours. If you have any mobility issues or just want to be close to the action, you may want to position yourself on a lower deck to make embarking and disembarking a lot easier and faster.

You should also consider whether you’d prefer starboard or port side. As the ship moves forward, port side is left, and starboard right. Understanding this can ensure you pick a location in the best position to spot desired scenic sights and landmarks.

Decide on the cabin amenities you want

Your luxury cabin will already have a host of standard inclusions. However some cabins offer even more! If you’re looking for the utmost in personal service, some cruise lines will offer you a private butler.  Your butler will pamper you and ensure that your every need is met – from unpacking your luggage and stocking your bar with your favourite drinks, to handling reservations for speciality restaurants and shore excursions to taking care of your laundry (and more!). Butlers are usually reserved for penthouse and suite bookings however all cabins on Silversea come with butler service.

Tips for choosing a cruise cabinThere are many additional extras that can make your cabin experience even better.

Verandah or no verandah?

Choosing an outside cabin gives you some form of outdoor viewing, whether a large window, porthole or balcony. Upgrading to a cabin with your own private verandah is an option many passengers choose to indulge in. Here, you can enjoy unobstructed views of the water and various landmarks from the comfort of your own space.

When it comes to booking your perfect cruise, let the travel consultants at Mary Rossi Travel help. We have the personal experience and expertise to help shape your decision. For more information on our range of cruises available and advice on your next cruise holiday, contact us today.