types of cruise holidays

There are many different types of cruises – not just the mega liners that come immediately to mind when picturing a cruise holiday.    Luxury ocean cruise lines provide travellers with a boutique experience and a smaller number of fellow travellers.  River cruises take guests down the world’s most interesting waterways in style, and expedition cruises travel to some of the most remote regions on earth.

There truly is a cruise holiday to suit every travel style.

What are the different types of cruise holidays?

There are many types of people that embark on cruises, and there is something on the high seas to suit everyone!  Here are the options to consider when deciding on the right adventure for you:

Ocean cruises

Ocean cruising is what comes to mind for most people when thinking about a cruise holiday.  No wonder!  The ocean cruise market has shown phenomenal growth recently and passenger numbers have skyrocketed.

There’s a huge line up of ships plying the world’s oceans.  Ocean cruises can literally take you anywhere – from cruising close to home in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific, to the Mediterranean, Alaska, Antarctica, the Caribbean and everywhere in between.

Mega cruise ships are the most visible of ocean cruise ships.  Like floating cities, these cruise ships can hold thousands of travellers, and have an enormous array of attractions and activities on board – from waterslides to dodgem cars, mega malls, broadway shows and much more.

Not all ocean cruise holidays though have to be on huge ships with masses of others.  There’s a range of cruise lines that offer a more intimate luxury travel experience.  These smaller cruise ships can take you where the larger ships cannot – offering less crowded and more off the beaten track ports.

A luxury ocean cruise ship offers stylish accommodation and elegant facilities.  Service is highly personalised and there’s low passenger to staff ratios.  Meals can be inspired or prepared by well-known chefs. There’s a host of entertainment and enrichment options and a range of more intimate shore excursions to consider. Smaller vessels really give you the chance to get to know your fellow travellers and make connections or friendships that last beyond your final stop!

For most travellers it’s the value of an ocean cruise that’s enticing.  Even the most inexpensive cruises include main meals, accommodation, entertainment and of course your transport in the fare.  Luxury cruises come with a higher price tag, however often come with many more inclusions (like shore excursions, wifi, fine dining, drinks and activities) and when these are taken into account, often represent great value.


Silversea’s Silver Wind, cruising under London Bridge

Expedition cruises

Expedition cruising is suited to inquisitive and adventurous travellers.  It’s a fabulous way to get off-the-beaten-track and see some of the world’s most unspoilt and remote destinations that are often difficult to access by land.

There’s no zip lines or casinos on board, but what you will find is adventure, incredible scenery and opportunities to get close up and personal to nature.  From the icebergs of Antarctica, to the dramatic falls of the Kimberley, or the extraordinary wildlife of the Galapagos your opportunity for enrichment abounds.

Whilst days will be filled with action, evenings on board offer a chance to get to know your small group of fellow travellers – expedition cruises can be a great way to meet fellow passengers sharing a similar interest and outlook.

The thrill of expedition cruises comes in the destination.

expedition cruising

There’s plenty of excitement on an expedition cruise to Antarctica

River cruises

River cruises have become incredibly popular with Australians in recent years.

The ever-changing scenery when travelling along the river is one attraction.  Waking up to find a new destination outside your cabin and pulling up right in the heart of a city or town are others.

From drifting through historic European cities to floating serenely down the Ganges or the Mekong, river cruises offer a laid back holiday experience that puts the emphasis on taking in the local culture at every stop.  Shore excursions are often included in your river cruise and there’s usually a range of excursions to suit all interests.  Join a walking tour or a guided cycle ride or just stroll around town and explore on your own.

And again like for every cruise type simply unpack once, and all your arrangements are taken care of for you.

river cruise

Float past incredible scenery on a Uniworld European river cruise

Matching passengers with their dream cruise

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