We really enjoyed Croatia.  People seemed happy with their progress since the crippling war in the early 1990’s when they fought against their former Yugoslavian neighbours – Serbia and Montenegro.  Croatia has been a member of the EU since July 2013 although they do not have the Euro yet and the prices for most things in Kuna seemed very cheap to us.

The country is predominantly Roman Catholic.  Their strategic location along this coast has meant they have been colonised by every passing dynasty for over 3000 years – Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, Venetians, Serbians, Italians, British – you name it!  Every town has archaeological remains covering one or more of these tumultuous times. Plundering and pirating over the years unfortunately has meant that there are nowhere near the same amount of cultural treasures that can be found for example in Venice alone.

Some of the hightlights on our 7 night cruise onboard Le Soleil were Split (an amazing old town build predominantly inside the walls of a 3rd century Roman Emperors palace), Dubrovnik (a must see UNESCO listed fortified walled town) Hvar (for a wonderful swim in the Adriatic which was so clear and so salty) and Pula (for an amazingly preserved Roman Amphitheatre).

We’ve brought the most amazing weather with us and have even managed a bit of a suntan!

Cabin on Le Soleal

Le Soleil-our cabin