Orient Express

All aboard!

What an experience!

Hosted by Bellini Roger and I travelled on the Orient Express with a group of around 50 top agents from the US, Sweden, Russia, Germany and Australia.  We were greeted at our platform by jazz musicians and all the senior train staff lined up in uniform to welcome us.

We were shown to our cabins where our overnight bags and suit carriers were already waiting for us.  The cabins are spacious enough and the sink area which is concealed behind curved wooden doors was quite effective.

Whilst we were dining (a terrific table d’hote meal with excellent wines and good service) our cabin was made up into upper and lower bunks with good mattresses.

Breakfast can only be taken in your cabin – Continental breakfast. Lovely to wake to gorgeous scenery passing us by.  Lunch is another grand affair-I love meals on trains!

Coming in to Venice we passed the Fincantieri ship building yards outside Mestre.  A new Costa ship was close to being launched. This is also where Silversea build their ships.

Arriving in Venice, it still amazes me that you can get off a train in Venice St Lucia station and stroll across the cobbles and be on the Grand Canal.  We passed the new Aman which is before the Rialto bridge on the Dorso Duro side.  Getting great reviews I hear…