You’ve already driven all over Italy, you’ve walked the Cinque Terre and cycled in the countryside and stayed in pensiones and a villa in Tuscany. Now it’s time to do in Italy what the Italians do on holidays – go down to the sea.

Gourmet cruising in Italy

The services of a boutique hotel in a unique atmosphere; the fragrance of Mediterranean cuisine; delicious wine sipped as you gaze at the sun reflected on the water or at a sunset over the rooftops of the port; a different panorama every day, without ever having to pack and unpack your bags … these are just some of the experiences offered by Ombre Blu [Blue Shadows].

Dynamic Italian–Australian duo, Francesco and Melissa Candiani are your hosts aboard their elegant 51 ft (28ft wide) bridge-deck catamaran which caters for up to six adults in three queen sized staterooms.


Ombre Blu sails from the Aeolian Islands of Sicily to Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento in the Gulf of Naples, and from southern Sardinia to the Tuscan Isles.  Melissa and Francesco will show you the most beautiful areas of Italy and of the seas that surround it, offering itineraries based on their experience and on the desires of their clientele.

Aeolian Islands, Sicily – crystal- clear waters, charming fishing villages, brooding volcanoes, fresh regional food and excellent Sicilian wines! This itinerary takes you on a cultural voyage away from the busy tourist areas of mainland Italy.

Amalfi Coast & Gulf of Naples – enjoy this amazing coastline and her islands by sea. We will take you on a tasting jouriney of regional wines and traditional plates whilst visiting places like Positano, Sorrento, Capri & Ischia… who needs to say more!

Sardinia – simply stunning! Enjoy the famous Emerald Coast and islands and extend into French Corsica or sail the magical ‘nature route’ of the South.

Cuisine & Wine

A distinctive aspect of Ombre Blu is Melissa and Francesco’s gift for hospitality, combining the flavors of refined cuisine – yet with a genuine home-made appeal – with their personal selection of fine wines from all over Italy.


To regenerate your body and mind Ombre Blu also offers a wellness massage service and you can also enjoy the unique emotions of diving with a PADI instructor (courses at all levels are available) and so discover other hidden gems of the Italian coastline.

A Private Gourmet Experience

Secluded anchorages and the finest Italian cuisine and wines are a specialty of OMBRE BLU. Menus are designed to the region in which you sail. Wines are carefully selected so that you can taste the best of the region. Your open air dining room awaits you. Everything is TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS. Guests can also enjoy the luxury of an on board Massage and Dive service – available on all cruisies.

Your Hosts

Francesco, a native of Venice with a background in law, Melissa is Australian. You will love the local knowledge that he and Melissa will share with you – they are both fluent in English and Italian.

Itineraries are normally a week long with built in flexibility to allow for the tides and winds and your preferences as you go.

Francesco and Melissa are both Captains and Chefs and in addition Francesco is a PADI dive instructor (yes – SCUBA equipment is available on board) and Melissa is a massage therapist.

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Pricing & Packages

Ombre Blu have created all inclusive packages highlighting the best of the region you cruise.  All meals and top quality wines are part of the package, including several dinners in the finest restaurants.  For serious foodies they also offer a ‘Michelin Star’ restaurant package week on the Amalfi Coast/Gulf of Naples which includes one x 1 star and two x 2 star Michelin restaurants (in Amalfi, Sorrento & Ischia).

Prices are in Euros and depend on the season (Low, Mid, High) and how many friends or family will be joining you.  As an indication, two couples chartering the boat on an all inclusive basis for a week in Mid Season (June and September) could expect to pay approximately €5.000 per person ie. a total of €20.000 for the week (massage and diving are additional).  Having more friends along would make it cheaper.

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