Sea Cloud Cruises

Sailing Dreams – Sea Cloud, Sea Cloud II & Sea Cloud Spirit (from 2020)

Distant horizons, white sails powering a gleaming white hull, the tang of sea spray in the air, brilliant sunsets and stars sparkling like diamonds in a jet black sky are but a few of the special moments that a sailing cruise brings to life.

For anyone who loves the sea, Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II are two sailing ships that manage to combine history, tradition and the true sense of adventure of the world of tall ship sailing with the comfort and security of luxury 5 star accommodation, fine food and wine, and outstanding individual service. Lovingly restored and modernised, rich in history and tradition, the 65 passenger Sea Cloud, its 94 passenger sister ship Sea Cloud II are icons in the world of luxury passenger sailing ships, delighting discerning passengers of all ages.

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In 2020, the new Sea Cloud Spirit will extend the fleet as the“big sister” to the Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II.

Sea Cloud

The original owner of Sea Cloud, heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post spared no expense to create what was then the largest and most luxurious private sailing ship ever built. Launched in 1931, the ship was host to dignitaries and royalty.

The elegance of times gone by has been faithfully restored – be it on the bridge or in the blue lagoon, on the promenade deck or in the restaurant. All the impressive marble fireplaces, the charming teak wood benches, the elegant woods, the golden taps and the selected antiques on board the SEA CLOUD have created an atmospheric setting in which her passengers – with all their modern-day requirements and attitudes to life – can sit back and enjoy their voyage on board a majestic windjammer.

Sea Cloud II

The SEA CLOUD II is the sister ship of the legendary SEA CLOUD, but has its own, very unique character. It combines the high standards expected of a 5-star cruise ship with the unique atmosphere of a romantic tall ship. Classic, nostalgic,elegant.

A windjammer gives you that feeling of boundless freedom – a feeling that reaches its pinnacle as you sail the seas under open skies. This is a feeling that pervades the SEA CLOUD II at all times, manifested in the on-board lifestyle and forged by the expansive space of the four decks, the relaxed social atmosphere and the space for private contemplation.

The lounge, the library, the restaurant, the cabins and the gym are all imbued with stylish comfort. Every area has its own way of enticing visitors, so you will still discover new favourite places even after days.

Sea Cloud Spirit – From 2020

The new Sea Cloud Spirit combines a romantic windjammer atmosphere and the most modern comforts.   With her clear, classic outline, she follows the role model of her two elegant windjammer sisters.  New in Sea Cloud Spirit are the generous number of cabins with balconies, the extensive sun deck with sunbeds, a gym with panoramic views and the exclusive spa and wellness area.  In addition to the “Fine Dining” evening menu in the restaurant,  you will also have the option to dine on the lido deck at a time of your preference and enjoy flexible bistro menu selections.

Also technically, Sea Cloud Spirit is state-of-the-art and stands for environmentally friendly eco-tourism at the highest level.

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