Rosa’s Table

After eleven years conducting cooking demonstrations in traditional Sicilian cuisine, Rosa Malignaggi invites you to join her on the Rosa’s Table Culinary Tour of Sicily.

Experience the diversity and authenticity of Sicilian food, culture and traditions.  Travel from the East Coast to the West Coast, meeting Rosa’s family and friends along the way.

Wander the streets of Palermo, passing through its vibrant markets filled with rustic displays of delicious food.  Sit amongst orange and olive groves, sharing wine, food, eating, talking and playing cards with the locals.  Walk into the village and enjoy breakfast with the villagers.

Watch artisans at work creating sweet and savoury treats with their bare hands.  Discover places and the people going about their daily lives.  Kitchens bursting with flavour, fragrance and aromas, canoli, capers, tuna, eggplants, tomatoes, basil, granita, biscotti, and even the Madonna.  Walk along the streets where her parents first set eyes on each other.  Take pleasure in a meal on her grandfather’s land amongst the relaxed hospitality of her Sicilian relatives.

Welcome to Rosa’s Table.  Rosa’s family is waiting to meet you.

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