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For those big trips abroad, you likely already know what a huge help travel agents are.  We can sort out a jam-packed schedule, juggle all the transport you need, and source that one-of-a-kind accommodation you may never have found by yourself—all at a great price.

We can also make a difference for domestic travel plans.   In fact, local travel agents are rising in popularity, and that’s largely thanks to our knowledge of staycations and last minute getaways just a couple of hours down the road.   Sure, you can get an off-the-shelf domestic trip by planning and booking online yourself—just like you can get an entirely OK lasagna from the store—but what if you could have a delicious home-cooked version for less effort, with three extra sides and a desert, and all at the same price?

There are so many ways a travel agent can make planning your next domestic holiday a dream.

why use a travel agent for local travel

Oysters fresh from the bay and local sparkling wine at Saffire Freycinet

1. Saving you time: How travel agents can take the pain out of domestic travel

It seems really easy to search for, plan, and book travel online.  Why would you use a travel agent, especially for domestic travel?
But when a single Google search delivers hundreds of pages about just one domestic destination or vacation, navigating all that choice can feel overwhelming, can’t it?  Which reviews should you take on board?  Is the hotel near the best attractions?  Are you getting the best deal?  Then there’s all that planning, sorting out payments, and keeping track of bookings across different sites.

It’s a lot of work. Hardly the ideal start to a vacation.

Enter: your friendly local travel agent, who listens to what you like and don’t like to understand your perfect trip. As travel agents, we can save you hours of trip planning by cutting through the noise to deliver curated recommendations that are just what you’re looking for. Plus, we have access to Expedia’s supply, so you can get the same online rates without having to hunt through pages of search results for it.

So why not let us do all the work at no extra cost?

Swim with the whale sharks during your stay at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

2. Saving you money:

Travel agents are the whole package.   If you love a good deal, then look no further.  We pride ourselves on knowing exactly how to save you cash on the hotels with the best deals and when airlines hold their big sale to your destination, so you’ve got more to spend on ice-creams and cocktails when you’re away.

To give you greater value, we can also:

• Bundle all the services you need together to create a tailored package—bringing down the overall cost
• Make sure you’re not paying over the odds thanks to a detailed knowledge of peak and non-peak periods
• Use industry knowledge of flights with extra capacity for a great shot at a deal
• Negotiate on your behalf
• Help you secure upgrades and extras
• Give you a wealth of information before you go—think local guides, itineraries, and maps—as a friendly bonus

3. Giving you expertise: Travel agents know things that Google doesn’t

Firsthand experience

Surprise, surprise! We’re pretty big travelers ourselves.  We’ve learned from our own travel mistakes. We’ve missed that train connection you’re hoping to run for; we’ve turned up at that big tourist hotspot too late to avoid the crowds. And if we haven’t, we know someone that has. In short, we can give you the lowdown based on our personal experience.

Big-picture thinking

Having booked thousands of domestic trips, we know what works and what doesn’t.  That means we can help you build a realistic timetable that gives you plenty of flexibility and minimum stress.  We can advise on when to build in stopovers, how to break up a long road trip with attractions en route, and which connecting flights might be too close for comfort.

Insider knowledge and connections

Our knowledge of local accommodation, restaurants, and attractions is excellent—and we often have a personal connection or relationship with many of these businesses.  That means a quick call from us might just get you the best room in the hotel, a ticket to a sold-out theater show, or even a bit of VIP treatment in that restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to.

Sundowners await you at Crystalbrook Lodge in tropical north Queensland, a member of Luxury Lodges of Australia

4. Giving you choice: Even domestic travel is complex right now, so travel agents help you navigate it

One of the benefits of domestic travel is that it can be a lot less hassle than traveling abroad. Destinations are closer, and there are fewer language and cultural barriers to contend with. But in the current climate, even domestic travel needs a little extra preparation to keep everyone safe, secure, and able to
fully relax—and we’re happy to help with that.

Talk to us if you want support with:

• Getting insurance that covers some COVID-related problems while on your trip
• Ensuring you get flexible rates so you can easily reschedule transport and accommodation
• Checking out the policies on health, safety, and hygiene
• Staying up to date on rules and regulations throughout your trip

We’re here to help you simply look forward to your much deserved break.

Enjoy your hot tub with a view after exploring in the desert as the night cools down at Longitude 131

5. Giving you peace of mind: Travel agents fight your corner before, during, and after your trip

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, sometimes things happen. And when they do, it really pays to have an expert in your corner. Rather than spending hours on the phone to a call center, getting more and more frustrated, when you made the booking with your local travel agent, we resolve
those issues for you.

We can:

• Spot problems before they arise, drawing on market knowledge to avoid problematic providers (even if they still appearing in online search results)
• Help to negotiate great deals
• Leverage longstanding relationships with suppliers to push your problem to the top of the pile
• Handle complaints or grievances both during and after your trip. No more time spent listening to bad jazz while on hold to a call center

Remember, travel agents are your advocate in the booking process and throughout your travel experience.

6. You can trust travel agents to deliver the trip you’re looking for

The biggest virtue of working with your local travel agent is that we’re actual humans, not chatbots or algorithms. We’re real people who love traveling. Just like you. That personal touch can make such a difference when you’re booking your next domestic trip.

Not only can we give you tried and tested expertise, a great choice of options to select from, and peace of mind, we can also save you time, money, and hassle.

It’s no surprise the majority of travelers say that using a travel agent makes their overall experience better, with younger travelers using our services more and more.

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