Japan | A Culinary & Cultural Adventure with Lyndey Milan | May 2019

Claudia and Roger recently travelled to Japan on the small group tour Japan A Culinary and Cultural Adventure with Lyndey Milan.  See below for some photos of their travels.

Japan is a really popular destination for travellers right now and this tour included some of the most popular cities and towns on the island of Honshu.  Visiting Tokyo, Hakone,  Kanazawa, Shirakawa-go, Takayama & Kyoto, the tour travelled as the locals do, using the incredibly efficient and punctual local transport.

Some of the highlights included:

  • A foodie tour of the hidden back streets of “Omoide Yochoko”. These laneways are filled with a multitude of tiny yakitori restaurants and are a real step back in time.  Delicious specialties cooked on small grills with the smells permeating the air, an icy cold Asahi and conversations with locals.. fabulous!
  • Travelling on Japan’s famous bullet train – the Shinkansen.  The bows of the train attendants as they enter and leave the carriages, a bento box lunch on board.  Zooming past Mt Fuji and through the Japanese countryside in comfort.  And with lots of legroom – even in the standard carriage!
  • A multitude of cooking classes – including making soba noodles and all the inclusions of a bento box.
  • Spending the afternoon with a maiko (trainee geisha) in Kyoto.  Being served tea the traditional Japanese way, and playing drinking games were an incredible experience.
  • Strolling through markets and tasting the local delicacies along the way guided by a local expert to explain everything along the way

Most of the Advisors at Mary Rossi Travel in Neutral Bay and Lindfield have travelled extensively in Japan, some multiple times.  We have built a network of contacts on the ground who can provide insider access to enhance your experience.  If you’d like to visit Japan, please contact us.  We’d love to help you plan your trip.